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Our Animal Hospital in Fairbanks is pleased to offer a wide variety of veterinary services! These services include: wellness exams, boarding, grooming & more! Our veterinary hospital in Fairbanks is devoted to your pet’s well being. We provide a variety of veterinary medical services for dogs, cats, and birds in Fairbanks and surrounding areas. Contact us today at (907) 479-2800 to schedule your pet care appointment with our friendly and dedicated veterinary team!


Noah’ Ark Boarding

Our kennel facility offers spacious rooms for all of your pets while you are away. there are also packages available for special play time, not to mention 24 hour monitoring of the premises.


Noah’s Ark Grooming

Let our staff treat your dog to a spa day with our full service grooming salon. Want to wash your pet yourself? Try out our Laundromutt self-service dog wash!


Muttessori School for Dogs

Don’t want to leave your dog at home alone during the day? Need to keep them occupied while you’re at work? Sign up for our Muttessori School for Dogs!


Animal House Veterinary Hospital

Our Animal Hospital in Fairbanks is pleased to offer a wide variety of veterinary services! These services include: wellness exams, boarding, grooming & more!



New readers may be a bit confused at the title of this post. About four years ago I answered a series of questions from someone wanting to enter vet school (Here, here, and here). I recently received some questions from a different person, but thought it could actually [...]

Here is a recent question from Joanne.... My husband is a cardiac surgeon and I am a PA. We therefore tend to have differential dx in our head when there is a problem with our canine kids. We have a now 5 yo neutered yellow lab named Oliver. In [...]

Horse Manure Toxicity

Tue, Mar 31, 2015

Stefanie emailed me with the following.... I ran across a couple of warnings on line about the dangers of dogs eating horse poop because of the potential of horse wormer being present. This is one of the sites: http://beingstray.com/dogs/eating-horse-manure-dangerous-to-dog/.I'd like to know if you've ever experienced anything like [...]

What Defines Dog Size?

Wed, Mar 25, 2015

Here's a question from a reader.....Why does the canine world categorise dog breed size using its weight?Why don't they use height instead?Pet food company sell food meant for large, medium, small, toy breed by categorizing them through weight. What about the dogs on the cusp? For example, a female Belgian [...]

Have you noticed your pet scratching a lot lately?  Shaking their head or chewing at their paws?  If so, most likely it is due to allergies (Atopy).  We need to schedule your pet for a comprehensive exam to have several diagnostic tests done to best determine the cause(s) of their [...]


Dog of the Month! – Onri (Henry)

I moved to the country, a middle-aged woman living alone and fairly remote. I decided I’d get a companion, a dog to be my eyes and ears as I lived ‘the good years’ out of town.

I researched and found a breed I thought would be a good fit for me and my lifestyle. I decided right away that his energy level exceeded my ability to keep up on a daily basis where I was living, so I checked out ‘doggie day care’ facilities and decided upon Muttessori. We have been coming since 2007.

Henri and I attended Puppy Class, and Tricks and Agility classes in the summers. It was a good way to keep him interested and to help me keep my skill levels current. It’s easy to get lazy in the winter when we are less active and spend lots of time cuddling and watching TV.

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